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random selection of 4 postcard prints
Postcard prints

In the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic i set to make small prints on the backs of blank USPS postcards. The seed of this project began as my hope to do something in support of the USPS, which has been under attack by our current administration. I was also looking for a way to keep active in the studio while being socially distanced from people and creatively stuck still by all that was going on. I tend to process big events like this slowly, so I turn to play as a way to not get too depressed by it all while keeping my technical skills active.
Initially, I purchased a few blank post cards with the idea of keeping in contact with friends and family through “snail mail” works of art. As the play grew more interesting I bought more & more blanks and continued printing variations.
I used some of the cards as a promotion to get people to "like" and follow my social media pages. 60 cards were sent out to participants picked randomly. The remainder of the nearly 250 other cards printed have been bundled randomly in groups of 4 and are available while supplies last. They will be mailed to you in an envelope.

Please email me if you would like to purchase 4 cards for $20 and I will invoice you.