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snapping turtle, print, relief, linoleum, reduction
Rise (snapper)
Linoleum Reduction Relief Print
Image: 11 7/8 x 11 7/8"; Paper: 18 x 15"

This is a 4 color reduction relief print.
A reduction print or "suicide print" is a multicolor print in which the separate colors are printed from the same block at different stages. Usually, the lightest color of the design is printed first, then the block is "reduced" by carving away the areas which the artist does not want overprinted by the second color, and so forth. The disadvantage of reduction printing as opposed to printing from multiple blocks is that once the first color is printed, the matrix for it is destroyed in the creation of the printing matrix for the second color, etc. It is next to impossible to undo mistakes.

Third print in my animal series.
Edition of 18