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brown fore arm and fist floating on white background
Brown Bombing
reduction linoleum relief print
13 x 19" (paper); 4 x 5 3/4" (image)

This print was created for a print exchange my buddy, Justin Barfield, put together for the 2014 MAPC conference being held in Detroit called Rust City.
I make a nod toward Robert Graham's Joe Louis sculpture and a hopeful wish to see this great city rise again.
The print is a variable edition. While the image stays the same throughout the 28 prints in the edition, it's position on the page moves around in a tight ellipse. The idea is that when the edition is held together and flipped it animates the fist into a revolving punch. Something no one will ever see since editions are hardly ever seen together once they leave the artist's studio.

First 13 prints are part of the Rust City print exchange. Last 15 are up for sale.