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Print created for one of David Spencer-Pierce's "Retelling"print exchanges entitled "'The Disasters of War' - 21st Century, Inspired by works of Francisco Goya".
I riffed off of one of Goya's prints entitled "Enterrar y Callar" to create "Quemar y Callar".
I wanted to create something regarding the disappearance and probable murder of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Escuela Normal. Though their whereabouts are uncertain I hope I am wrong in depicting them dead and about to be incinerated by the Mayor of Iguala.

Edition of 18 prints
First 12 prints in the edition to the print exchange.

43 missing Mexican students
Quemar y Callar
woodblock relief print
10 x 17" (image); 13 x 19" (paper)