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Luis Jimenez drawing on a litho stone
Luis Jimenez: Fuego y Piedra
Linoleum relief print
22 x 15"

This print was created for the Consejo Grafico portfolio "La Huella Magistral" (edition of 30).

Luis Jimenez, 1940-2006
El Paso, Texas born, Jimenez, is remembered for his large figurative polychromed fiberglass sculptures. Jimenez’s southwestern themed works speak strongly of the history and culture of the area. However, it is the strength and energy of his draughtsmanship that first drew me to his work. His lithograph prints, in particular, create monumental characters in flowing line, confident hatching, and vibrant colors that are definitive of his original style. I was elated when I found out my friend, Joe Segura, had printed many of my favorite Jimenez lithographs.
The layered history of a litho stone being drawn upon by one artist, etched, printed, ground down, and reused by the same or another artist countless times is fascinating to me. I like to think that some of that creative energy continues to reside in the molecules of the stone. For my contribution to this portfolio I focused on Jimenez working on the stone for his print “Entre la Puta y la Muerte” (printed by Joe Segura) in a fevered frenzy.